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Most commonly Entrepreneurs and successes are two terms which engaged with each other. When thinking about the entrepreneurs, our minds always create male character, exceptional personality and giant company. For example Mark Zuckerberg and Face Book, Bill Gates and Microsoft, Richard Branson and Virgin group and Steve Jobs and Apple etc. Not only males but also females  can be rewarded as entrepreneurs. Under this article we are trying to give you the 10 brilliant business achievement done by the women entrepreneurs.


women entrepreneurs
Amy Chang (accompany.com)

Accompany is the largest database of senior decision makers in the world founded by well known women entrepreneur Amy Chang and company is now part of a Cisco. And they use artificial intelligence and machine learning to be your virtual chief of staff, providing you with all of the information you need about anyone you are meeting within a given day. Spatiality about this company is 40% of the growing team represents by the women and they led by CEO Amy Chang who previously run the Google Analytics. Accompany raised over $40M from top investors.


women entrepreneurs
Emily Weiss. (racked.com)

Glossier started in 2010 on IntoTheGloss.com, successful beauty blog with the loyal, influential readership. The blog reached over 1 million unique and they say that there are Glossier is distilled from years of recommendations from the coolest girls on the planet. The company raised $24M last year and grows quickly with retails stores and expanding internationally. And Glossier founded by the Emily Weiss.


women entrepreneurs
Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler (businessinsider.com)

Brandless is co-founded by Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler and launched on July 11, 2017. Former CEO of Sherpa Foundry and Senior Vice president at AOL Tina Sharkey working as the CEO of the company. Brandless based on San Francisco and its a fresh approach to e-commerce, which sells home staples direct to consumers all for $3.

Verge Genomics

women entrepreneurs
Alice Zhang (xconomy.com)

Verge Genomics is a drug discovering company founded by successful women entrepreneur. They are using human genomic data to defeat neurodegeneration. In the last year, they built the largest human brain genomic database. The company has 14 peoples including 12 Ph.D. scientists in machine learning, neuroscience, applied math, biophysics, statistics, and computational biology. Its founded by scientists from leading neuro-genomics labs and Founder Alice Zhang is the CEO of the company and was recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30

Mighty Network

women entrepreneurs
GINA BIANCHINI (wired.com)

Mighty Network based on Palo Alto and it’s a kind platform which connects in communities around their interests and facilitates to know of your fans and for you to get to know each other. Gina Bianchini is the co-founded the company with Mark Anderssen. And also she is working as the CEO of the company. Mighty Networks grew to 90 million people in 300,000 different communities in entertainment, political and education.


women entrepreneurs
Alyssa Ravasio (femgineer.com)

Hipcamp founded by Alyssa Ravasio in 2013 in San Francisco, which is a marketplace for campers and land. They are providing worlds public campsites online, unlocking private lands for camping and getting more people outside. This is a well-aimed business implemented by a women entrepreneur with a good mission and customer base.


women entrepreneurs
Jesse Genet (femgineer.com)

Lumi founded by Jesse Genet(CEO) and Stephan Ango in 2009, which provides memorable and sustainable packaging through an on-line platform and worldwide network of factories. Most digital native brands rely on Lumi’s supply of packages in the present time. Jesse Genet has done well for herself since turning down a deal on Shark Tank two years ago. Currently, the company operates 20 countries around the world.


women entrepreneurs
Laura Behrens Wu (blog.ycombinator.com)

Shippo is an e-commerce business that facilitates on shipping. The company helps on connect marketplaces with small sellers like eBay and warehouses that ship for them and e-commerce business directly.  And also Shippo provides services to compare the rates across the FedEx, UPS and other carriers. This was founded by Laura Behrens Wu (CEO) and Simon Kreuz. They process millions of shipments every month over 15000 businesses.

Flex Company

women entrepreneurs
Lauren Schulte and Erika Jensen (createcultivate.com)

The Flex Company is women-focused consumer good company. They sell medical devices through online, direct to consumer through a subscription service. Flex founded in 2015 by women entrepreneurs Lauren Schulte and Erika Jensen in Venice Beach, California and backed by Amplify. They rose $4M for the company and the funny fact is 20% of Flex customers are men.

Guild Education

women entrepreneurs
Brittany Stich and Rachel Carson (builtincolorado.com)

Guild education co-founded by Brittany Stich and Rachel Carson, while they attending Stanford University. Venture Partners invested $21M in Guild education and this creates a platform for employers to offer tuition reimbursement and college degree programs to their employees. This company ranked in Fortune 1000 companies as well.

These achievements of the women entrepreneurs reflects their confidence and strength  that they are having to compete with the male entrepreneurs across the globe.

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