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There are many famous cities in the world but not all the cities are attracting the peoples who have millions of worth. There are few cities in the world those riches persons and businesses are established. This ranking mainly based on the Gross Domestic Production (GDP) of that city. Read the article to know about the Top 10 Cities in the world.

10 Shanghai, China

cities in the world
Shanghai (

As the 2nd largest economy in the world, China takes part in this wealthiest category. Beijing recognized as the political and cultural arm of China while Shanghai is the commercial arm of China. In the 1990’s economic reforms Shanghai started to grow and achieve $516.5 billion worth of Gross Domestic Production (GDP) and it has 23,019,148 populations.  With the area of 6,340.5 square kilometers of land Shanghai growing as the most tourists attracting city in China and also most of the foreign embassies are locating in there.

9 Moscow, Russia

cities in the world
Moscow (

Russia is the world largest country in the world and also it the world richest country in terms of natural resources, where it contains 30% of the natural resources of the world.  After the revolution of 1917, officials of the Russian government reintroduced Moscow as the capital city of the country.  Its Gross Domestic Production is $520.1 billion and contains 11,503,501 of the population within 2,510 square kilometer area. Moscow is the hub of supplying countries food, minerals, steel, and chemicals.

8 Chicago, USA

cities in the world
Chicago (

With the area of 606.1 square kilometers, Chicago starts to develop from 1833, which was the home to Native Americans and now its population is 2,707,120 peoples and its Gross Domestic Production is $524.6billion. The name Chicago name deviate from the French explorer Robert dela Salle, first referred to as “Checagou”. Chicago is the hub for industries like manufacturing, printing and publishing, insurance and food processing. And the city has recorded as the world leading city for the women entrepreneurs.

7 Osaka, Japan

cities in the world
Osaka (

Osaka is one of the oldest city in the world, which origin goes back as far as 6 BC. But this city true beginning starts during the Edo period from1603 to 1867. Today its Gross Domestic Production is $654.8 billion and it has only 223 square kilometers of its land and which developed as a metropolitan area. The population of this city is 1,545,410. Currently, this wonderful city is famous for tourists because of the Osaka Castle and Universal Studios Japan. And also this city engages in textile, plastic production and metal.

6 Paris, France

cities in the world
Paris (

Paris was known as the city of romance and it is the fashion hub to the worlds. This wonderful city generates 30% of the French GDP. Its total Gross Domestic Production is $669.2billion and has a population of 10,413,386. This beautiful 105.4 square kilometers size city locates near the Seine River. Paris also key tourist’s destination in Europe and it is also famous for Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Louvre Museum and Arc de Triomphe.

5 London, England

cities in the world
London (

London is one of the largest commercial hub in the world and its famous for finance and banking services. London generates $731.2 billion to the Gross Domestic Production and there is around 8,173,194 population in London. In the Roman period, this called as Londinium. This wonderful city is famous for Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and the Big Ben clock tower. London mixed with multicultural peoples and which is known as the cultural melting pot of the world.

4 Seoul, South Korea

cities in the world
Seoul (

The history of Seoul goes back to the 17BC and which is one of the oldest surviving city in the East Asian region.  In earlier times they suffered from several wars including against Japan and China. Seoul’s Gross Domestic Production is $779.3billon and there are around 10 million peoples live there. Due to this massive economic growth, its called as the “Miracle on the Han River”. Especially in recently Seoul ranked as the most liveable city in Asia and the world second highest quality of life. This 605.21 square kilometers size of wonderful city engages in electronic, iron and steel production.

3 Los Angeles, USA

cities in the world
Los Angeles (

Los Angeles recognized as the “City of Angels”, and it’s the home for the American entertainment industry. As the second largest city of America its create$789.7 billion worth to the Gross Domestic Production. There are 3,792,621 peoples live within the 1,302 square kilometers. This city famous for Universal Studios, Hollywood sign, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Santa Monica Pier. Banking and Finance industries are the industries which specialized in here.

2 New York, USA

cities in the world
New York (

New York is called as the “City that never sleeps”, originally founded by English during the second Angola-Dutch war. From the 19th and 20th century the city becomes the main entry port of immigrants from all over the world. As a resulted of that this city became a multicultural city. Its Gross Domestic Production is $1210billion and it has a population of 8,244,910 and also an area of the New York is 1213 square kilometers. This beautiful city is famous for Times Square, the State of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building. Its biggest industries are Finance, real estate, publishing, and management consultancy.

1 Tokyo, Japan

cities in the world
Tokyo (

Tokyo ranked as the 1st of the wealthiest city in terms of GDP by generating $1520billion to the Gross Domestic Production to the economy. It has 13,185,502 populations within the area of 2,187.6 square kilometers. This city stated as a small fishing village and it’s called “Edo”. Tokyo is the major finance hub to the largest investment banks and insurance to the world. Tokyo attracts tourists for Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, the Tokyo Imperial Palace and Museum of Contemporary Art. Tokyo’s biggest industries are electronics, Telecommunications, and publishing.



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