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13 Reasons Why You Should Visit Mirissa Beach Sri Lanka

Mirissa Beach

Summer in Sri Lanka is hot, sunny and bright. The sky is blue with a few clouds scattered above, trees provide nice shade for those who find it is too harsh. There is nowhere else on earth, where you can get a golden summer tan like here in Sri Lanka. For those who are already residents, and for those who would like a sip of paradise itself, this is 13 reasons why you should visit Mirissa beach this summer.

Reason 1- The natural serenity

Mirissa is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.  Palm trees lined the outskirts, sand is clean and the water is this amazing shade of blue and green. The beach is composed of mainly two parts, shallow beach side with crashing waves, and a deep smooth ocean, separated by a natural rock pier. You can climb the pock pier with the help of bamboo ladders, and the scenery on the top is just gorgeous.

Mirissa Beach

Reason 2- space and freedom

Despite the fact that the beach is one of the most beautiful beaches and that it is located between Galle and Matara, the beach is never crowded. It is true that the place is quite large and has a lot of space, but the beach is never deserted either. There is more than enough space for you to lie down and sunbathe without anyone interrupting. Or to sip a drink. Or to read a book. You have enough space to relax and have some precious me time.

Reason 3- Location

Mirissa beach is located just outside the Colombo-Matara main road. You can take a bus and drop just by the beach. The train station of Mirissa is also in walking distance. Being located between two main cities of the southern province, the small city has international banking facilities, tourist police branch, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Reason 4- Cheap traveling

It would cost you about 2$ to travel from Colombo Fort to Mirissa by train. You can also take a bus in the southern highway, but then you will miss the glorious seaside railway path. Tuk-tuks (Three wheeler) are available for travel within the city, and for a very reasonable price, you can rent a scooter for the day and go sightseeing to your heart’s content.

Reason 5- Affordable accommodation

Accommodation for your stay can be found for very reasonable prices and in good qualities. Seaside Mirissa hotels, as well as guest inns, are very common. Most of them range around 30 $ per night and include breakfast and drinks. You can walk around and find a good place, or just Google, check the ratings and book a place in advance.

Mirissa Beach

Reason 6- It is safe and sound

The Mirissa branch of the Sri Lanka Navy is located alongside the beach, coast guards are always present. The local police have English speaking officers and are very active. The safety of every person on the beach is guaranteed by them, and in case of emergency, they do not hesitate to take immediate measures.  The service providers are always monitored under the coast guard and the quality is assured. Accident rate of Mirissa beach is nearly 0% thanks to them.

Reason 7- The food pallet

The beach restaurants offer the most amazing seafood pallet I’ve ever seen.  The local fishermen catch fresh sea water fish, and you can buy them from vendors. Then they will prepare a meal out of it, and serve it in a beautiful candle lit restaurant. Fish, prawns. Crabs. Cuttlefish and all sorts of seafood are served in these restaurants, both in traditional and western ways.

Reason 8- the simple sea bath

What would be more relaxing than a simple bath in the deep sea? Only soft lull of waves around you and the warmth of the sun above you. The beach lovers know that finding such a location is not an easy task to accomplish. Let me make that easier. Visit Mirissa. As I mentioned above, the beach is divided into two parts by a pier. The left side of the pier is a deep sea, going from 4 ft. to more in-depth. The water is not harsh, the bottom is sandy and you can walk right up to 6 ft. deep without much effort. And then, let the ocean take all your worries away.

Reason 9- Whale watching Mirissa at its best

The Mirissa beach is extremely popular for whale watching. Whales are majestic creatures, who are also the largest living organisms on the planet. Usually, they inhibit deep waters but around Mirissa, whales can be observed in shallow waters as well. The passenger boats specifically designed for whale watching are seen in the morning. You can board such a boat and it will leave with the sunrise. This is said to be one of the most amazing experiences which can be seen in Sri Lanka.

Mirissa Beach

Reason 10- The amazing marine biodiversity.

The rock pier of the beach acts as a breeding ground for numerous life forms. Fish, mollusks, crustaceans and small patches of coral can be observed easily. This part of the beach is isolated from the crowds and you might want to take a little hike around the pier. Just to the right, there is a shallow pool boarded y rocks, which is overflowing with sea urchins. Colorful fish swimming around can be observed just at one foot deep.

Reason 11- Surfing and snorkeling.

The beach is ideal for some surfing. You can bring your own surfer board or rent one at the beach for 2$. Waves are crashing all day long and you can show some colors to your friends and family. If you want to explore marine life a bit further, say no more. This is the place for you.

Mirissa Beach

Reason 12- Unique nightlife

When the sun starts to set, one by one, beach restaurants light up. This truly is a vision. Bars are also open by this time for their happy hour. Alcoholic drinks are very cheap, and you can sip a cocktail watching the sunset. Sometimes this is adjourned with fireworks as well.

Reason 13- Why not?

We only live once. The life is too short to dwell on dull and sheltered paths. The world awaits you to be explored. Don’t hesitate to take risks, experience new things and make brand new memories. So what are you waiting for? Go. Pack a bag. Explore the world. Find best places to visit in Sri Lanka. Have fun and travel safely.


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